To view panorama, you need:

1. To view Flash VR, Flash Player 10.0 or later is necessary. Please download Flash Player and install it.

2. To view Html5 VR, IE 10.0 or later, Safari5.0 or later, Chrome21.0 or later is necessary. To view Html5 VR on Android, Samsung devices only, Dual core or above, Android 4.x.

3. To view QTVR, QuickTime 6.0 later is necessary. Please download QuickTime Player and install it.

How to embed this panorama in my web page?
1. Copy and paste the following code into your own webpage.

Note: "pano.html" refers to the webpage you want to host.

2. Compress and upload published files of Panoweaver onto server and then decompress the folder. The file structure can't be changed.